Duterte urged to kill resisting arrest idiots

Rodrigo Duterte

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte urged the policemen to kill those who provide them with resisting arrest. His words betrays Reuters.

“Your duty requires you to break the resistance of the person you arrested.(…) If they have the active opposition you have the right to kill idiots, that’s my order,” said Duterte. While the Philippine leader said that all the killings, including extrajudicial killings, banned.

On 17 August it was reported that in the Philippines capital Manila, the guards for the night shot 25 people, who were suspected of drug trafficking. According to the official representative of the Manila police senior superintendent Erwin, Margorejo, there were 18 raids. The guards insist that all the dead were victims of their own aggression: the police were shooting to kill only in self-defense.

The campaign against drugs started in the Philippines in may 2016 — right after the country’s President Rodrigo Duterte took office. According to the latest data, after the election of Duarte head of state in operations against drug traffickers killed nearly 7.7 thousand people, with 2.5 thousand of them were killed by the police. International human rights organizations have repeatedly accused the Philippine’s leader in the creation of the so-called “death squads” that are involved in extrajudicial killings of suspects in drug trafficking.