Bloomberg called new “favourite” of Putin

New “favorite” of Russian President Vladimir Putin — to 35-year-old economic development Minister Maxim Oreshkin, writes Bloomberg citing three officials who are informed about the intentions of Putin. Have a. broad authority in the reform of the Ministry — “heir of the Soviet Gosplan”, however, it is unclear whether he can convince the “boss” to start the necessary reforms, the newspaper notes.

“We are creating a Ministry of the future, — said the Agency by the Minister himself. A key challenge is to attract strong people and provide them with a development environment” (quoted by Bloomberg). On the question of whether he’s a favorite of Putin. did not answer. Press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov did not respond to a request.

The Ministry of economic development has not commented to “Vedomosti” message to Bloomberg.

Bloomberg indicates that the composition of the “team for change” . in economic development — recently came to the Ministry Ekaterina Vlasova from Citigroup, Zoe Viktorova, PWC and Julia Urozhaeva from McKinsey. “Market participants recognize the authority. despite his youth, — says chief economist for Russia and CIS “Renaissance Capital” of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina and Sberbank President German Gref — are unable to ease the pressure of the state on business”, — notes the Agency.

… Is developing a third official reform project for Russia — along with the Chairman of the Center for strategic development Alexey Kudrin and the business Ombudsman Boris Titov. In addition, its influence is growing significantly: … was a key Russian figure in the G20 summit in Hamburg, transferred control of the Rosstat, as well as replace the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov at the world Bank Group.

For. a Ministerial post can be a springboard to the heights of power, says the scientific head of the alma mater of the Minister, the HSE Yevgeny Yasin. “Can he ever become Prime Minister — said Yasin. He’s still very young.” However, bringing the Patriarch of the Russian economists for “trying to take into account the desire of Putin, […] may not retain a clear line of reform.”