Adults found in the “Smeshariki” childish and frightening meanings

Twitter found in a children’s animated series “Smeshariki” childish scenes that can scare even adults. This drew the attention of the user under the nickname Madnes.

Of Madness (@SongOfaWhale)
August 27, 2017, 12:37

The network drew attention to two episodes under the title “can Not be” and “Most important”. In two episodes of users alerted story featuring a character named Moose.

In both cases, the Moose were forced to destroy creation, the essence of which he could not comprehend. According to its users, such stories are literally ruining a child’s world.

In the comments other users remember several episodes that frightened them in childhood, and already in conscious age, I was forced to think about grown-up sense of the animated series.

In March 2016 the viewers of the show noticed that in the episode, “Pin”, a spin-off of “Smeshariki” has a clear reference to the TV series “breaking bad”. Smeshariki Pin and Moose were creating in the lab candy like Walter white and Jesse Pinkman cooked methamphetamine.