The Polish businessman has gone missing in Moscow

In Moscow has lost 50-the summer businessman from Poland. Currently it is looking for the police, told RIA Novosti source in law enforcement bodies on Sunday, August 27.

It is noted that the disappeared businessman — co-owner of “Stroybud” and “Budservis-Nova”. In a press-service of the MIA, the Agency confirmed the fact of appeal to the police about the missing person, but did not specify the kind of activity and citizenship.

TASS adds that law enforcement authorities asked the representative of the construction company, the General Director of which is a pole. According to her, the chief has stopped communicating with employees.

According to the website of the network business of communications, “VLSI”, and “Stroybud” and “Budservis-Nova” — a limited liability company, the General Director of which Arthur Shui. On the page “Budservis” stated co-owner — the presentation of Janusz Orzechowski.

Both organizations awarded in the category “Construction, repair and reconstruction of buildings and structures”. “Budservis-Nova” was founded in 2006, “Stroybud” — from 2014.