The daughter of Islam Karimov published a story about the last hours of his life

Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva, daughter of the first President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, was published in the Facebook story about the last hours of the life of his father. Its author is a friend of women Aquila Tairov.

“Lola called me around 8 am on 2 September and said that there has been a sharp deterioration in health [Islam Karimov], and may have left two or three hours,” writes the street. She noted that the family of the first head of the Republic insisted on the publicity of information about his death.

After the call she arrived at the hospital, the President then had a fever, says the author. Gathered around the head of state relatives and friends began to read the Koran. The prayers lasted while he was alive Karimov, for 12 hours.

“The process of the funeral was developed by the President’s family: as a bear, where. (…) Lola said from the beginning that everything will be in strict accordance with the Muslim canons and the will of the father, it will make the house his mother and buried in his native Samarkand”, — stated in the story.

In his memoirs made no mention of Gulnara Karimova, the eldest daughter of the first President of Uzbekistan. Now she is under arrest. The Prosecutor General of the Republic filed her allegations of fraud, concealment of foreign currency, violation of customs law, violation of the rules of trade and rendering of services, forgery and legalization of proceeds derived from criminal activities.

Islam Karimov became President of Uzbekistan in 1991. 27 Aug 2016 he suffered a brain hemorrhage and was hospitalized. 2 Sep Karimov died. About what is happening with the President in those days there were conflicting information and members of the press called on the Uzbek authorities not to conceal from the citizens information about the state of the President.