Stavropol Directorate of the interior Ministry explained the data on the prohibition of the police to go to bars

The order of the main Department of the MIA of the Stavropol Krai about the discipline of police officers, according to the media, including the prohibition to go to bars at the weekend, does not establish additional responsibilities and is aimed at strengthening individual educational work. About it RIA Novosti was told on Sunday, August 27, in the regional offices.

According to the report of the Central Board, some points of the document “recommendations regarding briefings on rules of conduct in everyday life and do not establish additional rights and obligations of employees.”

“The order is aimed primarily at increasing the level of combat readiness of personnel to ensure anti-terrorist protection”, — explained in management. According to the police, currently in the region of the actual preparedness of personnel for prompt collection and perform tasks in emergency situations.

In the Chapter added that the document will be made adjustments relating to the departure of the police outside of the served municipalities.

Earlier in mass media appeared information that in internal order No. 656 “On additional measures to improve the level of combat readiness and strengthening of service discipline” refers to the prohibition of police to go to bars and restaurants on weekends and also go on holidays outside the areas in which they work. It was noted that limitations caused discontent of the guards and they appealed to the Prosecutor General.

On 24 August, the interior Ministry has identified new places of military duty police squads after the lifting of the ban on the inspection of vehicles out of stationary posts.

In mid-August on the portal of legal acts published a draft of new rules of conduct for the police. It provides for a ban on Smoking and vulgar language in the communication of inspectors of traffic police with drivers.