Russians warned about the possibility of new terrorist attacks in the UK

The Russian Embassy in the UK has urged Russians to avoid places of a mass congestion of people due to possible new terrorist attacks in the country. This reports the press service of the Embassy.

“The evening of 25 August the attacker with machetes attacked police officers in the area of Buckingham Palace and caused them injuries. City police considers the incident as a terrorist act. We remind citizens about the serious terrorist threat level in the UK. Once again we invite you to be vigilant, to avoid places of a mass congestion of people. In the same context, warn of the dangers of visiting the carnival in Notting hill in London on 27 and 28 August”, — specifies a press-service.

Earlier it became known that UK police in the course of practical experiment found that the terrorists who decided to break into the building of the British Parliament, will need no more than five minutes. As noted, in the experiment, police officers who performed the role of terrorists easily penetrated into the Parliament side of the Thames. In a few minutes they reached the hall of the house of Commons. “The experiment demonstrated that in case of real attack, more than 100 parliamentarians can die in a matter of minutes,” writes the Telegraph.

The attack on the police on August 25, injuring two guards. The offender caused them minor injuries of the hands. Doctors have rendered to the victims on-site assistance, the police refused hospitalization.