Netanyahu revealed details of a meeting with Putin

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an interview with the 20th Israeli TV channel revealed details of a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

“In recent years, I usually meet with Putin in the first place in order to ensure that our interests and security on our Northern border. I can say that all the talks that we had, until today, served as our safety, and, I think, is in Russia’s interest, not just ours,” said the Israeli Prime Minister.

Netanyahu also explained that it had decided to hold a meeting with Putin due to the situation in the region. According to him, regular meetings with the President of Russia was carried out not only to coordinate action in the region, but also to track changes in the regional balance of power.

“In recent weeks it (the situation) has changed. There is a high probability of the international victory over ISIS (the terrorist group “Islamic state”, banned in Russia — approx. “Of the tape. ru”) in Syria. That’s good. But the bad thing is that Iran is actively, explicitly and systematically into it, how goes the IG,” — said Netanyahu.

“Iran does not hide the fact that he was going to place there (go where the terrorists of ISIS) military, air, land, sea forces. And one of its objectives is the beginning of the war with Israel… it is Clear that this change. Change, which threatens both us and other countries in the region, and in my opinion, threatens the whole world,” — said the Israeli Prime Minister.

The meeting between Putin and Netanyahu was held in Sochi on August 23.