In Tomsk inaugurated the column of water

The Grand opening of the water supply network on the streets of the Sleeper and the Drill has passed in Tomsk. Mayor Ivan Klein and the speaker Gordumy Sergey Panov cut the red tape in front of a column of water, according to the portal

As the newspaper notes, before the construction of the networks, the residents of the houses on these streets to get water from the “Tomskvodokanal” twice a week. Now to the water supply were able to connect 78 private homes.

Photo: “VKontakte” 1/2

“For a long time people had difficulties not only with the supply of water, but exposed themselves to danger in case of fire. Houses yet water, but on the streets it already is. In this area there are 29 wells, with which it is possible to connect water to houses,” said Klein.

In addition to 29 wells, the system includes seven speakers and five fire hydrants. The cost of construction amounted to about 13 million rubles.

In June it was reported about the Grand opening of benches in Sochi with the station for charging mobile phones. Users of social networks then are outraged by the behavior of the mayor of the city Anatoly Pakhomov, who during the ceremony drove the volunteer who tried to help to cut the red ribbon.