In Texas, the dog became a local hero, thoroughly “prepared” for the hurricane

In Texas, the dog became a local hero, thoroughly “prepared” for the hurricane

MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti. The dog carrying in his mouth a bag of dog food during a hurricane “Harvey” became a symbol of resistance elements in Texas, the newspaper Chouston Chronicle.

Thiele, Tokens, a resident of Texas city of Sinton, photographed the dog and posted his photo in Facebook. In less than a day the census more than 24 thousand times.

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It turned out that the dog’s name is Otis, and he ran away from home Friday night. For Otis watched 65-year-old Salvador Segovia. The dog belongs to his 5-year-old grandson, who departed city for a hurricane.

On Friday evening, Salvador found that Otis ran away, and on Saturday morning, missed the bag of dog food. The man went in search of a pet, and the neighbours told him that was seen nearby with a package in his mouth.

In the end he managed to track down the dog Otis and bring him back home before returning grandson. According to Salvador, Otis — a local celebrity, which sometimes sent to the shop or to “hamburger”.

Hurricane “Harvey” hit the territory of Texas on the night of the 26th of August. Originally it was a hurricane of the fourth category, but in the end he weakened to the level of a tropical storm. However, forecasters warned of the danger of “extremely serious flooding”. Because of the disaster killed three people.