In Sicily found the wine 6000 years old

In Sicily found the wine 6000 years old

Perhaps the most ancient wine in the world, numbering six thousand years, found on the island of Sicily. About it informs on Friday Agency ANSA.

A group of scientists headed by archaeologist David Tanasi (David Tanasi) from the University of Florida (USA) with the participation of experts from the Italian National Council for science and researchers from the University of Catania found traces of wine in a large clay jar in a cave under the city of Agrigento.

The findings prove that the wine was distributed in the Apennines two thousand years earlier than believed until now.

Chemical analysis of sediment from vessel walls has allowed to date the contents of the vessel, fourth Millennium BC.

The composition of the sediment on the vessel wall was discovered tartaric acid, which allowed the archaeologists to the conclusion that six thousand years ago in the vessel kept the wine or grape juice. Now scientists are conducting more tests, trying to establish, was an ancient wine white or red.

Romans, who lived before them in Italy, the Etruscans cultivated vines and made wine, which differed greatly in quality and taste perception. It is believed that the vine was introduced in the Apennines, the Caucasus, the territory of modern Georgia.

A study published in Microchemical Journal.