In Iraq freed the last ISIS controlled major city

In Iraq freed the last ISIS controlled major city

The city of tall afar, the former the last major town controlled by the militants of the “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia as a terrorist organization), completely liberated from the terrorists. About it “RIA Novosti” reported Brigadier General and commander of the army units of the Iraqi army “Nineveh” Najem al-Jabiri.

Tall afar is located 80 km from Mosul. “In terms of the city nothing left (captured), is cleaning. Except that the Askari district, but outside of the city,” the General said. He noted that ISIS still controls the town of al-Iade to the North of tall afar. Iraqi forces intend to release it within two days.

Al-Jaberi stressed that the foreign fighters of ISIS and their families escaped from the attacked city. “We have seen in recent days that foreigners from ISIS together with their families left the village into the desert” — said the General. He also expressed the opinion that defeated the militants in Syria can go back to Iraq. “We fear that the defeat of ISIS in Syria encourage terrorists to come back to us (in Iraq),” said the General.

However, he said that the terrorists will not be able to return to Mosul until her residents support the government.

“We left the relationship between the security forces and citizens and between the security forces and the government on the other side. If this relationship continues, then IG will not return. And honestly, people are absolutely against their notions,” said the General.

The operation to liberate tal afar with support from aviation of the international coalition forces led by the US began on August 20. Earlier, on 15 August, the military of Iraq announced the beginning of the bombing surrounded in tal afar of militants.

In addition, on August 22, the Iraqi Ambassador to Russia said that the country will be freed from terrorists in two months. According to him, Iraq is left a little bit of fighters who have nowhere to go and they will have to fight to the death.