In Canada during the Airshow, the plane caught fire

In Canada during the Airshow, the plane caught fire

Aircraft canadian Snowbirds aerobatic team fired up during a speech at the international air show at the base in Greenwood 144 km from the city of Halifax situated on the Atlantic coast of the country. About it reports TV channel CTV.

Fire the bow of one of the aircraft of the team occurred during landing on the runway of the base. To extinguish the fire was caused by two fire trucks.

User of the social network Instagram posted a video of firefighting aircraft.

Ooops… brake fire on the snowbird

Publication from Shaun MacKenzie (@caperhfx68) 26 Aug 2017 12:09 PDT

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“He (the pilot) stopped the plane and called the fire brigade,” — said the representative of the Snowbirds Michel Tremblay. “Firefighters arrived immediately extinguished the flames, and (the pilots) were safely landed”. Inside the plane captains were Matthew HART and Kevin Domon-Grenier.

According to Tremblay, any assessment of the damage to the plane would be “pure speculation” as long as the incident would not be investigated. She said that after Troubleshooting and replacing aircraft show will continue on 27 August.

The canadian Snowbirds aerobatic team, also known as the 431 Air demonstration squadron, speaks with 1971. It includes 24 members of the Armed forces of Canada and the public service employees of national defence.