Called terrorists needed time to infiltrate the British Parliament

UK police during the practical experiment found that the terrorists who decided to break into the building of the British Parliament, will need no more than five minutes. On Saturday, August 26, the newspaper the Telegraph.

As noted, in the experiment, police officers who performed the role of terrorists easily penetrated into the Parliament side of the Thames. In a few minutes they reached the hall of the house of Commons. “The experiment demonstrated that in case of real attack, more than 100 parliamentarians can die in a matter of minutes”, — the newspaper writes.

After verification, according to The Telegraph, police have made a number of recommendations to strengthen the protection of the Parliament building. The guards offered to install protective barriers on the Thames, which would make it impossible to approach the building from the river.

June 3, three men made a car hitting pedestrians in the area of London bridge, and then drove to borough market, where he got out of the car and with knives attacked passers-by. The terrorists were liquidated by the police. As a result of attacks killed at least eight people, another 48 were injured.

March 22 in London a native of South-East England Adrian Russell Ago, changed his name to Khalid Masud, while driving the car, pointed it at pedestrians on Westminster bridge, knocked down several people and drove to the Parliament building. There car was stopped by police. The offender stabbed him with a knife, then was shot by another guard. Five people were killed.