Trump again has banned transgender people to serve in the US army

President Donald trump officially returned to the ban, cancelled his predecessor Barack Obama, in the service of trangenders in voorujennyh. A Memorandum posted on the White house website.

“I instruct the Minister of defense and Minister of internal security, is in charge of the coast guard, to return to the force until June 2016 policy regarding transgendered on military service”, — stated in the document. Trump expresses his fears that the removal last year of the ban can lower the effectiveness of the army, lead to increased costs, it is also likely “violation of the coherence of individual combat units.”

Furthermore, you must not waste resources by these ministries on sex change surgery for military personnel.

On 26 July, the President in his Twitter wrote that “the armed forces cannot spend huge money on medical care of transgender people and bring them to tolerate destabilization”.

In 2010, the U.S. Congress abolished the rule of “don’t ask, don’t tell” (Don’t ask, don’t tell), according to which employees in the armed forces representatives of different sexual orientation were required to hide their belonging to the minorities.