The first official tourist Agency of the DPRK turned out to be a Russian company.


RIA Novosti

The first official tourist Agency of the DPRK NKorean, the discovery of which in Russia reported August 24, actually turned out to be a Russian company that has nothing to do with North Korea. The company just received a license to run tours in North Korea in Pyongyang, according to news reports citing Director NKorean sales Julia Mohtajiba.

According to the Director, NKorean is not a tour operator, as not registered in tourism. In addition, the company has no ties with the state authorities of the DPRK (except for licenses for tours), with which it supposedly ensures the safety of tourists in the North.

Earlier Russian Union of travel industry noted that the company announced the beginning of its work on 24 August, however, it sells tours for more than a month.

On opening in Russia the first official travel Agency of the DPRK on 24 August, reported “Interfax”. While Muntagirov said that NKorean is not the first company that offers tours to the DPRK for the Russians.