The expert predicted a turnout in the gubernatorial election

The head of Fund of research of problems of democracy Maxim Grigoriev presented at a press conference in TASS on Friday, August 25, comparative analysis between the gubernatorial elections in Russia and in other Western countries. It is reported by a national news service (NSN).

In his report, “voter Turnout in gubernatorial elections: international and Russian practice” the expert told about the world trends in terms of voter turnout for similar campaigns in other countries, as well as predictions of turnout in the upcoming elections of heads of subjects of Federation (SF). The document was prepared on the basis of the expert survey more than 50 members of the working groups on the protection of electoral rights of citizens, a regional Public chambers.

Grigoriev came to the conclusion that the experience of the Russian SF is more democratic than in other countries. For example, in France, elections of heads of regions are not provided of this level officials are appointed from above.

According to the expert, the current is compared to the gubernatorial election in the US, where turnout often depends on the existing historical traditions of voting in the state. Also, the analyst noted that on the statistics, several years is easy to trace the decline in electoral activity of citizens of the United States.

As for Russia, the speaker made a forecast that in the upcoming September elections expected three kinds of appearance of the population: high — more than 40 percent, average from 30 to 40 percent and low less than 30 percent.

However, Grigoriev noted that in some subjects the figures may be higher.

In the single voting day, which this year falls on September 10, gubernatorial elections will be held in 16 regions of Russia. The Central election Commission of Russia registered to participate in the elections of heads of regions 75 candidates.