The defense Ministry has declassified some documents about the battle of Stalingrad

The Ministry of defence has published historical documents on the battle of Stalingrad during the great Patriotic war. Information on Friday, August 25, appeared on the website of the Department.

“On the eve of the celebration in 2018 of the 75th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi troops in the battle of Stalingrad launched a multimedia section with declassified documents from the Central archive of the defense Ministry” — said the military Department.

In particular, the public will show the text of the telegram-delivering Rokossovsky, the capture of the commander of the German Sixth army, field Marshal Friedrich Paulus. Also on the site are documents of the German command on the fighting and German troops fought against the red army.

Another unique document was a detailed description of the tactics of assault groups in urban combat, first established in the red army during the defense of Stalingrad.