North Korea launched several missiles into the sea of Japan

Kim Jong-UN

The DPRK on Saturday, August 26, launched several “missiles of unspecified type” in the sea of Japan. This is the Agency Yonhap, citing the joint chiefs of staff of South Korea.

To approve the South Korean military, an unidentified shells flying about 250 kilometers in a North-easterly direction.

The Agency TASS with reference to the representative of the Pacific command of the U.S. armed forces (PAK) Dave Benham reports that we are talking about, presumably, three short-range missiles. It is alleged that one of the shells exploded almost immediately after launch.

The us military also said that these launches did not carry threat to the United States or GUAM.

On July 29, the DPRK confirmed the launch of a ballistic missile “And 14”. KCNA said the test posed no threat to neighboring countries, however, is “a stern warning for the United States.” On 5 August the UN security Council in response to the launch has passed a resolution toughening sanctions against Pyongyang.

On 8 August, the DPRK announced its readiness to launch a missile attack on the American force on the island of GUAM in the Pacific ocean. It was reported that, in the case of receiving an order from North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, the military will launch a ballistic missile of average range “And 12”, first tested on may 14.

August 13, U.S. President Donald trump said that Washington, along with diplomatic and economic measures, ready to use force to eliminate the nuclear threat from North Korea. Two days later, Kim Jong-UN promised to postpone the strike.