In the skies over Vatican city noticed a suspicious drone

St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City

Unidentified drone was spotted in the sky over the Vatican. Police started investigation to intercept raised in the air helicopter, reports the Italian edition of RaiNews on Saturday, August 26.

It is noted that neither the remote control nor operating a drone, the man was not found. While there is no data about who owns a suspicious drone and for what purpose it was used.

The publication says that the sky over the Vatican declared a no-fly zone after the terrorist attacks in Europe — for reasons of security. Use of aircraft is prohibited including for tourists. Drones are sometimes used during filming (upon approval), with them also offers a variety of services, such as weather.

The militants banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state” repeatedly threatened to Pope Francis. For example, a year ago they announced the Pontiff’s number one enemy. In particular, the extremists accused 79-year-old Pope blamed the fact that he supports the LGBT community.