In St. Petersburg began on the night of the shooting of “Summer,” directed by Serebrennikov

Night filming of “Summer” by Kirill Serebrennikov, who is under house arrest, started in the center of St. Petersburg without the participation of the Director. On Saturday, August 26, reports “Interfax”.

Representatives of the film crew, LLC “HAYFILM” refused to inform, who directs the film-making process in the absence of government.

For the filming of the dawn of rock star Viktor Tsoi was blocked the intersection of 8th Soviet and Novgorodskaya streets. To the scene of the shooting came several trailers with the crew, bus with extras. Also during the busy cars of the Soviet era.

On 25 August, producer Ilya Stewart said that the film will shut down “right after the shoot, technical scenes and scenes that the actors and the band managed to rehearse with the Director and according to his notes.” According to him, the project cannot be completed without the filmmaker — is the position of the crew and partners.

Serebrennikov was placed under house arrest on August 23. He was charged with fraud in especially large size.