Good credit history helps find love

Good credit history helps find love

The creators of the app online Dating Tinder — Discover Financial Services and Match Media Group — conducted a study which showed that a good credit history increases the chances to find love.

About 69% of respondents of both sexes cited financial liability “very” and “extremely” important quality in a future partner. It attracts more of them a good sense of humor (67%), visual appeal (51%), ambition (50%), courage (42%) and modesty (39%).

Interest credit partner points due to the fact that many associate their presence or absence with other qualities: responsibility (73%), reliability (40%) and intelligence (38%).

The situation overshadows the fact that to calculate the credit rating of a potential lover is almost impossible if he did not lay out a screenshot of the document in Tinder. So, almost 24% of young people admitted loan companies SoFI that their partners lied to their date about the size and amount of their debts.