Found the deep-sea fish: video

Found the deep-sea fish: video

Japanese scientists were able to film the deep-sea fish. She swam at a depth of 8 to 178 metres in the Mariana trench.

The fish managed to shoot the Japanese scientific organization, Jamstec. It is reported that the survey was made 2 cameras with 4K resolution, arranged two small vehicles (one was at a depth of 7 498 meters, the other at a depth of 8 178 meters). To the apparatus as bait was attached mackerel. After 17 hours, 37 minutes and record the depth appeared the sea slug. It is assumed that in the cavity such fish feed on the amphipods.

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Scientists believe that a record of a hypothetical depth possible for fish life, — 8 200 meters; at greater depths, fish are no longer able to control osmotic pressure.

The new record surpasses the previous (recorded by the Chinese scientists in April 2017) to 26 meters.