Authorities called the attack an attack on the military in the centre of Brussels

An attack on a military patrol in the centre of Brussels, the Belgian Prosecutor’s office has classified as a terrorist attack. On it informs Agency Reuters.

“We believe that we are talking about a single, coordinated terrorist attack,” — said the official representative of Department. He added that the assailant died in hospital from his injuries.

August 25 armed with machetes a man attacked a military patrol on the Boulevard Emile Jackman in the centre of Brussels. It was reported that the offender not previously come into the view of law enforcement, is a native of Somalia. Before the attack he was shouting “Allah Akbar”.

As a result of the incident, the soldiers received wounds of hands and faces, their life is out of danger.

June 20 at the Central station in Brussels was a blast. The bomb was powered by a man who had previously shouted “Allah Akbar”. The power of the explosion was so slight that no one except the attacker was killed or injured. Nevertheless, the authorities acknowledged the incident a terrorist attack.