Waiting for the verdict of the former Prime Minister of Thailand lost

Yingluck Shinawatra

Former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, removed from office during the political crisis of 2014, did not attend the sentencing in her criminal case, citing health reasons, reports Reuters.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Kingdom Ruled by Wongsuwan speculated that Shinawatra could flee the country. Information about where she may be, no.

50-year-old Shinawatra faces 10 years in prison, if found guilty. Politician accused of multibillion-dollar losses of the Treasury incurred under the scheme of subsidizing farmers growing rice.

The court scheduled a new date for sentencing on September 27. He also intends to seek arrest Shinawatra, if it is not confirmed that she did indeed have disease of the ear.

Shinawatra headed provisional government of Thailand in November 2011. On her initiative implemented a scheme of pledge of purchase of rice from farmers at above-market prices. This scheme brought the Prime Minister’s popularity in the poorest segments of the population, however, according to its opponents destroyed the export of these products.

In December 2013, Shinawatra, under pressure from the opposition dissolved the Parliament and agreed to hold early elections. The results of the voting were annulled by the Constitutional court of the country in February next year.

The opposition demanded the resignation of Shinawatra since November 2013. After several months of mass protests, 22 January 2014, the government of the Kingdom declared a state of emergency, which was lifted in March.

The constitutional court on may 7, 2014 sent Shinawatra to resign, may 22, the country has witnessed a military coup. The military immediately detained her and other politicians and public figures, but she was released two days later.