Veteran-narkopolitseyskie of US traded heroin for sex

American narkopolitseyskie Stanley Davis, who served in law enforcement in Philadelphia for 21 years, traded heroin for sex. It is reported

How did you find the investigators, the man met with two women in Kensington. They wanted to buy drugs, Davis suggested instead to become informants for the police. In the case is not reported whether they agreed, however, defendant began to message them in social networks. Over time he began to write about having sex with one of these women, and sent her a picture of his naked body. They decided to meet.

During the first date before sex, she used heroin and crack cocaine. During the second Davis handed her a few bags of heroin after sexual contact. The man decided to try this tactic with the second he met in Kensington a drug addict. It worked.

However, the story became known: the first a friend of Davis’s in a drugged state had an accident, which killed her 90-year-old passenger, and confessed. “He contributed to the investigation from the beginning, said media lawyer with Davis Jack MacMahon. — He felt terrible and as soon as it’s up, quickly told, because such actions do not match his character.”

The publication says that Davis is married to the woman that served in the police. It is expected that during the court session on Friday, August 25, he admits his guilt.