Tuva authorities considered the usual story went in the winter the taiga four-year old girl

Sholban Kara-ool

The head of Republic of Tuva Sholban Kara-ool has called the story a four-year Salgan Salchak, last winter, eight kilometers through the taiga for help for a sick grandmother, absolutely natural from the point of view of the indigenous Tuvans. On Thursday, August 24, according to RIA Novosti.

According to him, in the Republic children are raised so that they from an early age to be more independent and to help senior. “The rule of nomadic life, from which grew the culture of the Tuvan people. Here, a girl of six or seven years should know how much that lady: to get, to kindle the hearth, to cook, to sew, to babysit the younger and more. Boys as early as nine or ten years it should firmly sit in the saddle, cope with a horse, herd cattle, perform many kinds of men’s work in the Parking lot,” said Kara-ool.

The head of the region stressed that the child himself must learn the realities of life and learn to cope with difficulties. The duty of parents and adults is to be there in such moments as possible. “If you think about it, how can it be a bad mother, the daughter is able to overcome fear, conscious of its responsibility for close people, knows how to survive in the forest, where there are elementary for the twenty-first century things like mobile communication, electricity, roads and so on?” he added.

In March Tuvan investigators opened a criminal case under article “Leaving in danger” in relation to the child’s mother. It turned out that 31-the summer inhabitant of the Tere-Khol district, left a daughter and his elderly parents, living in a remote place of the Sald-Beldir, and she went to the district. 8 Feb grandmother became ill, and the girl went for help to the nearest town. Four hours in the bitter cold she made it to the herders, however, by the time the paramedics arrive, her grandmother died. The girl was hospitalized with hypothermia.