To Tuva in search of the missing children flew the Mi-8

To Tuva in search of the missing children flew the Mi-8

KRASNOYARSK, August 25 — RIA Novosti. Board the Mi-8 with rescuers and search dogs flew from Krasnoyarsk to Tuva to search for five children missing in the forest, have informed RIA of news in the Siberian regional Centre (SRC) Russian emergencies Ministry.

Earlier, the Ministry of emergency situations of Tuva reported that Tandinskomu the district has five children aged 10-14 years had gone into the woods for pine cones and never returned.

According to FEC, looking already involved more than 80 people. Group increases due to the divisions of EMERCOM of Russia.

“We know that in the woods they went voluntarily, so, in which direction they went and at what distance from the settlement may be, there is no information… Working canine calculations are used for five unmanned aerial systems. From Krasnoyarsk to Tuva with rescuers and search dogs on Board, flew the helicopter Mi-8 of EMERCOM of Russia. Aviation equipment will be directly engaged in exploration works”, — informs the Ministry of emergency situations.

Weather forecast yet favorable.

In the SRC noted that in the near future, the number of the search party reaches 220 people, including 50 professional rescuers EMERCOM of Russia from Kyzyl, Abakan, Krasnoyarsk.