The reduced turnout saw the world trend

The reduced turnout saw the world trend

Experts of Fund of research of problems of democracy predicted the average for gubernatorial elections in 30-40%

In half of the 16 Russian regions, where in September 2017 will be held gubernatorial elections, the voter turnout will not exceed 30-40%. At high rates over 40% can only count in four regions of Russia. The relevant data appear in the report of Fund of research of problems of democracy (at the disposal of “Izvestia”). Experts note that the significant drop in voter turnout — a global trend.

According to the report, half of the regions, where gubernatorial elections will be held, turnout is expected at the level of 30-40%, another four that figure will be less than 30%. High (over 40%) turnout at the polls, experts expect only in four regions.

— The average level of attendance in our region is absolutely similar to the turnout in the elections of the governors of such States as new York and Texas. In most cases, the forecast of an adequate history of previous elections in the region, — explained the “Izvestia” Director of the Fund of research of problems of democracy, member of the RF Public chamber Maxim Grigoriev.

He also added that the forecast turnout in gubernatorial elections in 2017 have been prepared on the basis of the expert survey more than 50 members of the working groups on the protection of electoral rights of citizens, a regional public chambers. In the evaluation, the experts proceeded from the international experience, comparing the turnout in the elections of heads of regions in Russia and the United States.

Member of the Central electoral Commission Vasily Likhachev in an interview with “Izvestiya” noted that the turnout of 45-47% is a pan-European trend of the last decade. This figure is considered adequate electoral sentiments in Western countries.

— Based on my trips to Mordovia, Udmurtia and Penza oblast shows that the election commissions of the subjects held a more significant work compared to last year’s elections to the state Duma became more diverse the campaign, more interesting, information-based approaches, increased presence in public space, and electronic. Even on the basis of the work done, it is too early to talk about real numbers which we will see on September 10. But the decline in electoral activity is present in some regions, and to deny it is impossible, — said Vasily Likhachev.