The man fired at two dogs and hit the owner of one of them in the capital’s Biryulyovo

In Gersinska Park Moscow Biryulevo unknown man opened fire from a traumatic weapons two dogs — Central Asian shepherd dog and boxer — whom was walking their mistress. On Thursday, August 24, wrote in a Facebook acquaintance of the victim Alexander Gil, with photos and video from the scene.

When one of the women tried to stop the attacker, he hit her. She got a concussion.

The man, according to Giles, opened fire on animals after his dog, like the German Pinscher, had a fight with one of the victims dogs — a boxer.

Hostess wounded Pets wrote a statement to the police. Animals currently operated.

Assailant allegedly was drunk and it was presented by a law enforcement officer.

10 August, it was reported on the criminal investigation into the brutal murder of a husky named Harvey in the territory of the holiday village in Naro-Fominsky district. The dog was beaten and hung on the fence. Before that, she escaped from the land of their masters and ruined someone else’s henhouse.