The interior Ministry has proposed new terms of registration of the passport

The interior Ministry has proposed new terms of registration of the passport

To obtain a passport for the actual location will be on a month faster.

The interior Ministry published the draft law on reduction of terms of registration of foreign passports Russians have submitted their documents by location (not by the place of registration). Term of registration of passport proposed to be reduced from four months to three, it follows from the text of the bill. Document on Friday, 25 August, published on the portal of projects of normative acts, his public discussion will last until 8 September.

The proposed MIA rule should apply to an ordinary passport and biometric (issued for five and 10 years, respectively), it follows from the explanatory note to the bill.

According to the law on the procedure of exit and entry into Russia, where the interior Ministry has proposed to amend the international passport for people who applied at the place of stay, issued for the longest period of four months. Those who apply at the place of residence, passports are issued within one month; if emergency (medical treatment, serious illness or death of a relative) passport can be obtained in three days.

If approved the initiative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russians living beyond the place of permanent residence, will draw up the documents the same as now people with access to state secrets, to three months, follows from the law on exit and entry into Russia. Three months should prepare the passport and the Russians diplomatic missions and consular offices of Russia abroad.