The inmates promised to “break apart” in the investigation of the terrorist attack in Barcelona

Drys Kabir

Prisoners of the Madrid prison Soto-del-real was threatened by one of the defendants in the case about the terrorist attack in Barcelona. It is reported by El Pais.

Drys Kabir was taken to a prison after testifying in court. At a time when Akabira escorted through the territory of the other prisoners began shouting at him insults and threats: “fucking terrorist”, “only go out in the yard [for a walk] — we’ll tear you to pieces!” and so on.

For the safety of the suspect, the administration made a decision about his solitary confinement.

Kabiru charged with accessory to murder and membership in a terrorist group. According to investigators, it was he who rented the van that was used in the attack in the capital of Catalonia on 17 August.

Then on the Ramblas in Central Barcelona minibus ran over a pedestrian (according to the latest data, killed 15 people). Some time later, on the Diagonal Avenue, the car hit several police.

The same evening in the town of Cambrils is another group of terrorists tried to attack in the Barcelona scenario. There among the victims were Russian.

According to law enforcement agencies in a terrorist cell that is behind these attacks were 12 people. Four were arrested, five of them, including the main suspect Younes of Abuakwa, is eliminated.