The head of the CEC with humor reacted to the idea of Dating for the elections


RIA Novosti

The head of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova with humor reacted to the idea of online Dating about finding their mate and the joint campaign for the elections, and noted that the Central election Commission to this is irrelevant, but creativity is welcomed.

On Wednesday, Pamfilova took part in the international youth legal forum “Arvola”.

Previously, the TV channel “Rain” reported that the Internet-a portal of acquaintances “Mamba” has created a mobile app “however, the elections” , through which users will be able to meet and together go to the gubernatorial elections.

“I have to treat it with humor: in his own way. CEC has no relationship,” Pamfilova told journalists at the forum, answering a question about his attitude to this idea.

“You know what I like? If there is creative, it needs to be, let them race. Most importantly, to raise interest in the elections. We must do everything so that elections were not a sham, an illusion of some sort, they must be real,” she said.

It is very important to generate interest of youth towards elections, said the head of the CEC. “To be born understanding that elections are fashionable, the election is a prestigious, elections — important: if not me, then for me, if I don’t decide, decide for me. If the elections are real, are real, then to motivate people on the basis of live, natural needs, the motivation — a bottomless box, and there are limitless possibilities for creativity, for creativity, even in all will participate,” — said Pamfilova.