The court sentenced Skinner to Khabarovsk

The court sentenced Skinner to Khabarovsk

In Khabarovsk, two girls and a young man convicted in the brutal killing of animals and other crimes and sentenced to various terms of imprisonment. Such a verdict is rendered the court of Industrial area of the city on the morning of Friday, August 25, reports RIA Novosti.

One of the girls found guilty of animal cruelty, robbery, insult the feelings of believers and inciting hatred and enmity, she was sentenced to deprivation of liberty for a term of four years and three months. Her accomplice sentenced to three years and 10 days of imprisonment, their mate to three years imprisonment.

Before sentencing the defendants had been in custody. In his last word they were asked not to assign a penalty involving deprivation of liberty.

In October 2016, the press got the information that two minors of habarovchanin killed animals, recording the process in photos and videos. Victims, they chose placed online ads on the transfer of the animals are in good hands. It is established that girls have killed at least 15 animals.

A criminal case was initiated under part 1 of article 245 of the criminal code (“cruelty to animals”). Then the Investigative Committee has tightened article. One of the minors was placed under house arrest after trying to escape the city.