Survivors and witnesses told about the bus falling into the sea in the Kuban

One of the survivors in the bus falling into the sea in the Krasnodar region told them what had happened. His words are in Telegram channel Mash.

“Normally sat, it was going like yesterday, like the day before. As the dock began to descend, something had snapped, a sound, and he began to pick up speed. Then for some reason turned to the dock, which is under construction. Everyone said it was driver side. When the pier was driving, tried to break the door, glass,” he said.

REN TV spoke with a local resident who witnessed the accident. “In the first few minutes people were able to swim, but it seemed that in the fall (a height appropriate), someone has lost consciousness and could not. In the first few minutes people were still out, and then the divers reacted”, — said the interlocutor of the channel. also quotes the words of the witnesses: “the Driver tried to brake with the transmission, but it broke at speed. The car spun, it hit the concrete wall, and then toppled into the sea.”

Meanwhile it became known that the death toll has risen to 17 people, saved 27, 15 of them were hospitalized. In Tamansky local hospital, the Agency “Interfax” has informed that victims “mostly injuries to the ribs, arms, legs, concussions”. “We gave first aid, anesthetized, wrapped it up and sent in the Temryuk hospital”, — reported in the emergency Department.

According to the bus driver survived, he has a broken leg.

On the morning of Friday, August 25, Wave in the village in the Temryuk district of the construction of the pier fell into the sea a shift bus. The district authorities have called the cause of the incident a failure of the brakes. In the car were the workers of the company “Tamanneftegas”, as well as contractors. The latter was engaged in the construction of the pier, which belongs to the “Tamanneftegas” and is part of the port “Taman”. Exactly how many people were on the bus specified. According to preliminary information, cited by TASS in the emergency services of the region, we are talking about 45.

The car belonging to the company “OTEKO-Portservis” has already been raised out of the water. A criminal case under article 264 of the criminal code about violation of traffic regulations and operation of vehicles, as well as under article 238 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation for the provision of services that do not meet safety requirements.