Nazi hunters stood up for depicted as Hitler’s trump

The Simon Wiesenthal center spoke out in defense of Donald trump, condemn his image in the form of Hitler on the cover of the German magazine “stern”. The corresponding statement posted on the organization’s website.

“This cover is the culmination of increasingly disturbing us trends in the use of the swastika and other Nazi symbols, in combination with the image of the US President Donald trump, — stated in the text. The Wiesenthal center openly criticizes President trump because he makes no distinction between the Nazis and the ku-Klux-klinovcem and those who oppose them on the streets of Charlottesville. It is impossible to compare the ideology of the Nazis, is based on genocide and focuses on the implementation of Hitler’s dream of cleansing the world of Jews, and the ku-Klux-klinovcem whose ideology involves the destruction of blacks and Hispanics in the United States, and those who oppose these anti-Semites and racists”.

However, according to the Fund’s management Wiesenthal, you can’t go beyond: “President trump deserves some serious criticism from the public and the media in the United States and abroad. But the image of the President as Hitler of our days is not true and is beyond the permissible limit. The Germans ought to know that by using indiscriminately the swastika, the slogan “Sieg Heil” and other Nazi symbols and concepts, they downplay and obscure the crimes of the past, inflaming passions instead of honestly to highlight the serious problems now facing our democracy.”

Saturday, August 19, the German magazine Der Spiegel put on the cover of their next issue, the image of the US President Donald trump with the ku Klux clan hood on his head. “The real face of Donald trump,” the caption read.

12 August in Charlottesville, Virginia, neo-Nazis held a spontaneous torchlight procession, requiring local authorities to refuse demolition of the monument to Confederate General Robert Edward Lee. After that, the city erupted in riots, which injured 15 people.

Later on the March against the actions of the far right into the crowd at high speed drove the car. In result one person was lost, 19 more have got wounds. On the same day on the outskirts of the city fell, a police helicopter, killing two people. Authorities have linked the crash with earlier events.

Donald trump has condemned the violence, but spoke out against the demolition of monuments. He also accused the media of trying to rewrite history.