In the USA the employee of the hospital went to the record jackpot

Mavis Vanik

In Massachusetts, an employee of the hospital Mavis Vancsik won the largest ever US jackpot won by one person. Reported by the Associated Press.

The nominal size of the jackpot — 758,7 million dollars. The woman, however, chose to receive a lump sum payment in the amount of $ 480 million, or $ 336 million after taxes. Those winners who choose regular payments for several decades, in sum, get more money.

53-year-old Vancsik, who has two adult children for 32 years was engaged in clerical work in the Department of nursing Mercy medical center in Springfield. She has already notified her employer that she was leaving.

This jackpot is the second — largest lottery prize in the United States. It is inferior to win in Powerball in the amount of $ 1.6 billion, which, however, was shared by three winners in January 2016.

Vanik bought five tickets. In two of them the number selected by the computer, three — she. The winning ticket, according to her, the number was chosen on the basis of the dates of birth of family members.

In February in one of the counties of Indiana have been sold a winning lottery ticket with a jackpot in the amount of 435 million dollars.

Powerball is played in 44 States, capital of the district of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. virgin Islands. Drawings are held twice a week. From the drum containing 69 balls, five white balls are drawn, one red ball is selected from a drum with 26 balls. Players can choose the numbers yourself or let the computer do the random selection.