In South Africa found guilty tatalovich blacks in the coffin of white farmers

Theo Martins Accenten and Willem Oosthuizen

South African court convicted two white farmers, tatalovich in the coffin of black. On Friday, August 25, according to Reuters.

The incident occurred in the fall of 2016 in the vicinity of Middelburg. White farmers Theo Martins Accenten and Willem Oosthuizen noticed a black Victor Mlotshwa who tried to get through their field. They’ve recovered the stolen coils of copper wire. After this, wishing, as they explained, to teach the lesson Mlotshwa, farmers forced him to lie down in the coffin, closed the lid and threatened to pour gasoline and to set fire to, and if he tries to get out — to run in the box rattlesnake.

All their actions, the farmers were shooting on video that was later posted on social networks. The movie caused outrage of the black community of South Africa, drew the attention of the authorities. Accenten and Oosthuizen was arrested and convicted of kidnapping, violence and attempted murder. They have the right to appeal.

According to the publication, despite the fact that with the abolition of apartheid it has been 23 years, South African society is still divided into black and white communities. The black population, the share of which in South Africa is 80 percent, mostly living in poverty. The main wealth of the country concentrated in the hands of descendants of English and Dutch settlers, of which there are only eight percent.