In Germany considered it a closed topic of reparations to Poland

The German government considers closed the issue of reparations to Poland. It is reported RIA Novosti citing a statement by the spokesman of the German Cabinet.

The interlocutor of the Agency stressed that Berlin’s position was formulated on August 2 and remains unchanged.

Then the Deputy of the official representative of the government of Ulrike Demmer noted that Berlin is definitely responsible for the outbreak of the Second world war in moral, political and financial terms, but “the question of German reparations Warsaw was finally settled in the past on the political and legal level”. The press service stressed that this principled position of the German leadership.

Earlier, on 25 August, the Prime Minister of Poland Beata Szydlo said that her country is entitled to reparations from Germany. “Poland says about justice. Poland says that has to be done. We are the victims of the Second world war. We are victims to whom the damage in any way was not yet recovered,” — said Szydlo.

On 2 August the Minister of defence of Poland Anthony Macierewicz recalled that the country’s de facto never renounced claims against Germany, which started on 1 September 1939 the military aggression against the Republic, and then for almost 5 years occupied Polish territory.

“It is not true that the Polish state has refused the outstanding German war reparations. It was a Soviet colony called the Polish people’s Republic, rejected part of the reparations associated with also a puppet state called the German Democratic Republic”, — said the Minister. He also added that this denial was never formalized.