Died beaten at the scene of the murder Nemtsov volunteer

Ivan Skripnichenko

In the Moscow Institute Sklifosovsky died volunteer Ivan Skripnichenko, who for some days before it broke his nose on the site of the murder of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov. On Twitter said Andrei Margules, human rights activist and one of those who guards the spontaneous memorial policy on the Big Moskvoretsky bridge.

Andrew Margules (@margulev)
24 August 2017, 19:47

According to him, which leads to “the Media”, the evening of 15 August, she was on duty on the bridge, the unknown approached to it and tried to talk to him. When the volunteer turned, the man punched him in the nose.

Activists called the police, and the victim was taken in “sklif”, where he was diagnosed with a fracture. The attacker, law enforcement officers are not found. After medical examination she went home.

“A couple of days we phoned, he was going to go and write the application in OVD “China-a city” and, most likely, did. He planned to go on vacation, but eventually left, and went to the hospital to rectify the consequences of a fracture. On 23 August he died. The post mortem results yet, but probably he died from a loose blood clot” — said Margules.

As told by the activist Tamara Lugovoi, quoted by “Interfax”, the attacker was “a very aggressive guy” who started yelling at a volunteer, and then hit him.

Meanwhile, TASS reported, citing a law enforcement source reports that on the facts of beating and death, she started testing.

Boris Nemtsov was shot dead on 27 February 2015, on the Big Moskvoretsky bridge. Activists organized on the site of his assassination a memorial and established the duty to protect it.