Danish inventor of the submarine was accused of desecration of the body of the journalist

Peter Madsen

The Prosecutor’s office of Denmark has accused the Swedish inventor Peter Madsen in the desecration of the body of the deceased journalist Kim Vallee. On Friday, August 25, reported on the website of the Copenhagen police.

Was indicted in the court hearing on August 24. The police refused to provide any additional information, citing the interests of investigation.

On the eve it became known that in the water with the corpse, which has no head and limbs were weighted, it was tied to some metal objects. Investigator Jens Moeller said that on the trunk there is damage after the woman’s death, as if tried to “let the air”, so the corpse was left under water.

Madsen, who is accused of manslaughter of woman during joint trips in a submarine, continues to insist on an accident. Helped him build the submarine, Jens Falkenberg noted that this option is indeed possible. He suggested that Valle might have slipped on the stairs and smash his head on the door handle.

At the same time, we know that the last time the journalist was working on a story, which featured a Madsen and which dealt with drug smuggling.

Evening of August 10 in the Danish capital of Valle climbed aboard created by Madsen submarine “Nautilus”. When she didn’t come home that day, her concerned boyfriend contacted authorities. Then began the search for the submarine. She was found the next day sunken city of køge. 46-year-old Madsen was saved. According to him, the night he had technical difficulties that could not be fully eliminated, and by morning, the Nautilus sank. The woman’s body it is not found. He was found later at the island Amager (part of Copenhagen, to the South is køge Bay).

Initially, the inventor claims that the journalist landed on the coast three hours after the start of the walk to the sub. Then he said that Valle was killed in the accident, which occurred on the submarine, and acknowledged that “buried it” in the Bay of køge. Danish police, in turn, indicated the presence of signs that Madsen specially flooded camera. He is now under arrest.