Can a “good” person to prosecute

Can a “good” person to prosecute

A good man is not a profession.

Folk wisdom

And indeed, whether to prosecute a good man? The reaction to such a provocative question a normal person should be a counter question: and for what? Here is immediately necessary to prevent the mainstream of the debate, which could be the quote of the Leader of all peoples “would be a man, and there is an article”, and go to the only correct response and the understanding that the question and its wording is plain wrong. Criminal liability should not good or bad, kind or evil, beautiful or not, smart or stupid, and those who committed the crime.

The ensuing public debate in connection with the arraignment Kirill Serebrennikov more like a procession, goes in the wrong direction. It is much easier to look for the lost key not where he lost, and under the nearest lantern, because there is more light. Discussion of the merits of the Director and expressing his support can’t replace the real discussion of the circumstances of a particular criminal case.

And what we know of the case and in fact make accusations? Yes, almost anything. Only meager line explanations of the Investigative Committee: “we developed the action plans contained knowingly false inflated information about their number and cost” charged with committing a crime under part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code (fraud in especially large size), and the decision of the Basmanny court of Moscow on election of a preventive measure.