Boyar Margarita Terekhova whipped to blood

Boyar Margarita Terekhova whipped to blood

Viewers like Margarita Terekhova a wonderful voice, deep gaze, tremendous neural plasticity, phenomenal energy.

And although due to illness, the actress has stopped acting in movies, plays on the stage, when crowdfunding platform announced on the Internet about raising funds for a film about the colors, the people responded immediately. The audience remembers her. In a short time has collected more than a million rubles. The film “Worlds Margarita Terekhova” has already begun. Well, we remember her most famous roles.

“The mirror”

Director Andrei Tarkovsky believed that the Terekhova botticellis beauty — special turn of the head, proushennye ever. There is in it a mystery. This “mystery injection” Tarkovsky did the actress during the filming of “Mirror,” which gave her just two main roles — mother and wife. Between the Director and the actress is said to have been a romantic relationship. Terekhova was shot without makeup to look as natural as possible.

Personanongrata Terekhova

On the set of Tarkovsky’s always been iron discipline. One of the key scenes Terekhova zabuntoval — there was a terrible conflict. In his diary, Tarkovsky wrote: “the catastrophe Happened. Rita refused to cut the head of the cock. But I do feel that there is something wrong…” In the end he gave up. A movie with this challenge, the wife of the Director — Larysa Tarkovsky, who also starred in “the Mirror”.