Bitten by a dog the boy died in the Ivanovo region

In the Ivanovo region 11-year-old boy died after a dog bite. On Friday, August 25, reported on the website of the regional investigative Department of the investigative Committee.

Child, living in the city of Vichuga, July 27, was bitten by the family dog. The boy was taken to local Central regional hospital, and then to the hospital №1 of the city of Ivanovo. On August 16, the patient’s condition deteriorated and he was transferred to intensive care and hooked to a respirator. Four days later the child died. According to preliminary data, the cause of death was brain edema.

In fact the incident a criminal case under part 2 of article 109 of the criminal code (“Causing death by negligence due to improper performance of their professional duties”). As noted by RIA Novosti, the investigators established, could a dog bite cause swelling of the brain.

13 June in the village Sergeevka Primorye, off the chain the Central Asian shepherd dog killed a 7-year-old boy who came to visit a friend. The child approached the fence of a private house and called his friend on the street, then he slipped under the gate into the yard. The boy died from multiple lacerations. A criminal case under article “Causing death on imprudence”.