Berlin schoolchildren shielded by a wall from prostitutes

Berlin schoolchildren shielded by a wall from prostitutes

The French school in Berlin, spent nearly 57 thousand euros for the construction of a four-foot fence around the schools. The wall is designed to protect students from the crowds of prostitutes. On Thursday, August 24, Metro newspaper reported.

The gymnasium is located on the street Kurfurstenstrasse, this area is considered in the German capital local red light district. Parents of students and local residents complain that prostitutes are on the street almost around the clock.

Some of them come to the school, as there is only one accessible toilet in the district.

Officially, prostitution is allowed in Germany since 2002. Most of the girls working in the brothels, but some of them prefer to seek clients in the streets.

As writes Berliner Zeitung, many girls working in the area Kurfurstenstrasse, came from Eastern Europe. Not to pay for the room, they prefer to serve customers directly “on the spot” — in porches, bushes, in Parking lots in cars. Local residents complain to the district administration that are on a daily basis Kurfurstenstrasse syringes, trash and even feces, as some prostitutes “do their business” on the spot.

In early August, the head of Berlin’s Mitte district Stefan von Dassel (Stephan von Dassel), which are street Kurfurstenstrasse, once again proposed at the Federal level to ban prostitution in the centre of German cities.