At the Nizhnyaya-Bureya hydroelectric power station accident

In the Amur region in the Nizhne-Bureiskaya hydroelectric power station accident occurred, according to the website of the station. Thursday, August 24, at 20:24 local time (14:24 GMT) during normal maneuvering in flight No. 1 of spillway dam there is damage to the shutter, which resulted in the flooding of the NPP platform. There were no injuries, the equipment of the turbine hall HPP received no damage.

Currently, the water pass through HPP are carried out through one of the spans the spillway of the dam. Waste consumption at the level of 2600 cubic meters per second, the flow of about 700 cubic meters per second, the upstream water level 137,9 meters. Is drawdown the lower Bureya reservoir with the purpose of realization of repair work station area drained.

As noted, such emissions do not pose a threat to settlements downstream. Flooding of settlements begins at discharges greater than 7500 cubic meters per second, which is three times more than the current cost of water.

The situation with the accident, is under the control of the regional Department of EMERCOM of Russia, reported on the Agency’s website. Created staff to the power station went operational group to assess the scale and potential consequences of failure. On the territory of Bureya district introduced a state of emergency.

In all settlements located downstream from the hydroelectric plant, monitoring water levels in the river Bureya, temporary hydroposts. The heads of the settlements spent podborovye the bypass and alert the population. The threat of flooding to the settlements, according to the Ministry.

“The inhabitants of the settlements located downstream the river, you must only follow the official recommendations of the authorities not to respond to provocative rumors, do not participate in their distribution and not to panic”, — reports the Agency.