Why artists stood up for the government, and Ministers for the speaker — no

Why artists stood up for the government, and Ministers for the speaker — no

Defenders of the famous Director showed a split in society on the principle of “friend or foe”.


Imagine if a former official in the Ministry of defense Evgeny Vasilyev fit all the leadership of the military. Or ex-the Governor of Sakhalin Alexander Horoshavin together began to apply to all the governors, moaning about repression. Or the Cabinet in unison wrote a letter asking to give the arrested Minister of economy Alexei Ulyukayev on bail. Of course, our progressive community immediately branded each of the signatories a thief, corrupt and a co-defendant. Still, it’s hated by officials.

But what was different about the Director of “Gogol-Center” Kirill Serebrennikov, the head of public institutions receiving government funding. Why a whole host of famous names at lightning speed and recklessly stood up for the arrested Director? He is from the caste of the best people? I’m a theater-goer, familiar with his work were not, and all these bare Asses on the scene saw for the first time on Facebook, when heritage Serebrennikov began to dissect thousands of connoisseurs. Tellingly, to this scandal, most of them about the Director knew nothing.

But let me, and then bare ass, if it is not about the works (someone is blasphemous, for someone- brilliant), and banal saw cut the budget money (if proven).