The White house criticized the Senator, who called trump’s incompetent

The White house criticized the Senator, who called trump’s incompetent

WASHINGTON, 24 Aug — RIA Novosti, Alexei Bogdanovsky. The white house rebuffed an influential Senator-Republican Bob Corker, who called his fellow party US President Donald trump incompetent.

“These statements are ridiculous and outrageous and not worthy of any response from this podium,” — said the press Secretary of the President Sarah Sanders asked to comment on the words of Corker.

Previously, Corker said that trump “did not demonstrate stability and competence” and showed that he understands the greatness of the American nation and what it represents. Corker also believes that the President is playing to his supporters, not the entire electorate. This is a known complaint about the Trump, which was for Republicans “external” candidate and is not coordinated with the party elite.

Corker made his statement amid criticism of trump by his political opponents and some members of the Republicans for the way the President commented on the event in Charlottesville last weekend, where clashes occurred between right-wing and left-wing.

Trump said that the violence was on both sides. He also spoke out against the wave of demolition of monuments to leaders of the Confederation — of the losing side in the civil war in the United States in the nineteenth century. According to trump, we are talking about unnecessary review of the history and culture of the country under the pretext of combating racism and right-wing sentiments.