The Russian foreign Ministry advised the US not to violate Afghan sovereignty

Moscow hopes that the extension of the powers of the us armed forces in Afghanistan will not violate the country’s sovereignty. As reported on Thursday, August 24, TASS, said the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

According to the diplomat, Moscow regrets that the new US strategy was no place for the mention of the dangers posed by “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia).

The foreign Ministry was also surprised by the accusations of supporting Taliban. “Perplexity is the statement of the head of the US state Department during a briefing on 22 August to explain the new American strategy for Afghanistan, — said Zakharov. In particular, he accused Russia of alleged weapons supplies to the Taliban”.

“Such statements do not contribute to the effective interaction of our countries on Afghanistan. Once again declare that we do not provide any support to the Taliban movement”, — said Zakharov.

On 22 August US President, trump said that the new approach of his administration towards Afghanistan would be to prevent transforming this country into a safe haven for Islamist militants seeking to attack the United States.

The head of state did not specify how long U.S. forces should remain in Afghanistan. According to him, the powers of the military in combating terrorism there will be extended. While trump did not say how many additional troops will be sent into the country. Earlier it was reported that defence Minister James Mattis planned to send another four thousand in addition to 8.4 thousand deployed currently.