The Novosibirsk authorities will purchase 25 kilometers of toilet paper in case of emergency

The mayoralty of Novosibirsk has announced a tender for the replenishment of the reserve of material resources in case of emergencies. This was reported on the website of the city administration.

As follows from the decision, in particular, will be purchased 650 pounds of white bread, 900 pounds of potatoes, 650 litres of milk, 30 thousand cigarettes, 25 thousand meters of toilet paper, 45 pounds of toothpaste. In addition, it is planned to acquire 10 heated tents, 500 folding beds, 200 and 225 pairs men’s pairs women’s shoes.

The number of items and clothes designed on the assumption that within five days to ensure they have up to 500 up to 100 victims and rescuers.

October 10, 2016, it was reported that the St. Petersburg authorities are considering the introduction of a food standard that guarantees the residents of 300 grams of bread a day for 20 days in case of emergencies or martial law.

Later, the Committee on development of entrepreneurship of St. Petersburg has denied this information. They explained that in the document of the regional food Fund (RPF) for the years 2016-2018 that was misinterpreted by journalists, it was about economic security.